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Jack Barckhoff founding BWMCThirty years ago, while working as a sales manager and engineer, Jack Barckhoff had a vision and the passion to pursue a different path to help companies improve their overall welding operations. Thirty plus years ago (see photo on right) Jack Barckhoff formed Barckhoff Welding Management Corporation to work directly with company executives to improve the overall quality and productivity of their welding operations by implementing a systematic company-wide approach, which he had developed and implemented years earlier. This approach evolved into the Total Welding Management System.

Since then, Team Barckhoff has helped hundreds of companies survive and grow in an ever more competitive global environment. 

Jack has recently written a book titled Total Welding Management, in which he shares the details of Total Welding Management along with some of the successes. It is a must read for any company executive who wants to capitalize on the opportunity to transform his welding operations from a cost center to a profit generator.

See how this can apply to your company. 

A truck body manufacturer completed implementation of their Total Welding Management system using the Barckhoff Method in 2003 and have reported savings of 97,000 hours or over $3,000,000 improvement in bottom-line profits per year. A typical company, over our thirty years experience has potential savings of $15,000 to $25,000 per welder per year. 

For every one hundred welders this translates into a profit improvement potential of $1.5 to $2.5 million per year, every year.

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Barckhoff Welding Management is a unique technical and management consulting organization that has been serving companies that have welding as a core process for over thirty years. Experienced Team Barckhoff resources are focused on helping company executives transform their entire welding operations to realize significant improvements in welding quality and productivity.  This is done through the implementation of the Total Welding Management System.

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Total Welding Management is the only comprehensive welding management system available in the industry. It is the only system that is both welding specific and has the details for Work Center Planning and Control. It combines both the art and science of welding with sound management principles, includes all organizational functions that impact welding costs from engineering through production and quality assurance, provides a closed-loop management system to manage and maintain improvements, is based on the principle of the Upside Down Organization where all welding related resources are focused on serving the welder, and provides all the technical and managerial training for success.

Executives who have successfully implemented Total Welding Management in their companies have commented that:


“I used the management principles...and improved...labor performance by 24 percent in ninety days.


Implementation of Total Welding Management met our...quality improvement expectations...and we don't need a hammer at final assembly any longer.


“The Total Welding Management system has been the single most significant change in quality improvement since we started business.

bullet“Jack's system and his approach to welding management has allowed us to increase our business by over 50 percent with no loss of quality or productivity.”
bullet“We found Jack at the right time when our business suffered a sudden and dramatic downturn and we needed immediate help to get our welding costs under control.”

To learn more about Barckhoff Welding Management and the Total Welding Management system using the Barckhoff Method, and how it can lead your company to typical savings of $15,000 to $25,000 per welder per year, equaling millions of dollars of profit improvement to your bottom line, or to request a copy of Total Welding Management, Executive Summary click here.




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